Monday, September 19, 2016

Day 20

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! 

Today is a short day because of the late start. We will be again working in groups.
See groups below. If your name is highlighted in pink that means you still need to retake Edpuzzle Growth Mindset.



Finish Lesson 1-1 Numerical Expressions
Hunter Shelton
Isabella Reynolds
James LaLiberte
Jordan Dickel
Jordan Zavala
Justice Carkner
Kevin Soto Guerrero
Lucas Sherrick
Michael Rucker
Sean Gourlay
Tristan Dietz
Andrew Boose
Andrew Loe
Beckett Glass
Colleen Fitzpatrick
Nathan Coil
Quinn Abbey
Serafiina Herranen
Summer Hansen-Dias


 Lesson 1-1 Numerical Expressions

Alana Smallman
Annabelle Hamre
Carter Cox
Cody Kechter
Jordan Dickel
Noah Giosso
Shane Stewart
Durgallah Sherwood
Kevin Soto Guerrero
Rachel Davis
Robert Santiago Lopez
Ruby Ramos
Zarina De La Torre

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